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Retail Design & Corporate Design

Consumer Centric Design

Places you just want to be

How we socially connect, shop and experience is changing with every scroll. A new era of shopping and living is unfolding before our eyes. And it’s never been more interesting for retail spaces, both on and offline.

Retail design for me is about making emotional, social and physical connections relevant to consumers today, concepts that reshape the future of physical brand engagements. My design approach helps brands to understand how we live today and what we value in retail experiences and translates them into deep meaning retail spaces - places you just want to be.

My creative process follows a seamless matrix of human, physical, emotional and digital – putting people back into the heart of the business. Creating lasting brand retail spaces where the physical touch points increasingly constitute a boost in consumer confidence and engagement and win over intrigued customers. Retail spaces that bring joy back into shopping. Social retail spaces filled with acts of fulfilment, places where consumers want to be and reconnect to themselves, their dreams, their desires, needs and wants.

What I do

Retail Design

Strategy definition and creation of brand and retail concepts for premium retail experiences – to create appeal, engagement and sales.

Brand Activation

Experiential brand concepts that showcase the best of brands. Building connectability, reachability, awareness and engagement.


Retail planning to meet all retail and service commercial requirements from boutiques to multi-category department stores


Building transformative community spaces, meeting the needs to how we work, live and reconnect today.

My Work

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